The State of STR’s in WNC

AirBnB's & the like - good or bad for the area?!

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Tyler Coon

Tyler Coon

Hailing from Tampa, Florida, Tyler Coon relocated to the Asheville area and now resides in Lake James in North Carolina. Situated at the halfway point between the Asheville area and the High Country, it gives Tyler & his Savvy Realty team the ability to cover a large territory. In 2019 Tyler made the decision to fully focus his talents on the short term rental investor market, and quickly grew to become a nationwide representative of vacation rentals in Western NC.

Today, Tyler is one of the top brokers in the entire Carolinas region. His "Culture Index" (A personality profile) reads "This person prefers data over people" which rings true most often when he is analyzing a potential short term rental property for an investor. As a respected and self-titled "Airbnb Acquisition Expert", his clients consistently review him as one of the best agents they have ever worked with. When building the Savvy Realty vision, "Integrity" was the first word that came to mind as a value for himself and his expanded network of short term rental real estate agents across the country to embody every day.

Tyler enjoys boating and jet-skiing on Lake James, spending time with his family & husky "Balto", hiking the gorgeous Western NC Mountains, and building businesses.

Tom Sherry

Tom Sherry

Tom Sherry is the founder, owner, and President of Pure Carolina Rentals. Tom is a graduate of The University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. Tom has experience in mortgage banking, real estate investing and development, business development, and both long and short term rental management.

When not closing deals, Tom enjoys spending time with his wife Kim and two children, Connor and Cole. Tom also is passionate about mountain biking with his friends.

Drew Wyatt

Drew Wyatt

In 2019, Drew and his fiancé, Lily, purchased their first primary residence with a $10k down payment. This initial residence was renovated and sold to acquire a house-hack in 2022, laying the groundwork to bootstrap a business. Just 13 months after initiating their first STR househack, StayAVL now manages, leases, or owns 20+ units, generating $10k in monthly cash flow while continuously investing in further growth (as of 8/5/23).

Drew's work is characterized by a commitment to quality, efficiency, and scalability. He firmly believes in the power of systems, teams, and partnerships, aiming to build manageable, scalable, and sellable businesses within the STR space. He shares this venture with Lily, an accomplished designer and detail oriented operator.

Beyond his role as an operator, Drew has a passion for education and learning. He is currently planning a social media campaign with the aim to enrich the knowledge base around STRs, how to fund STR businesses, and assist others in achieving financial and time freedom, just as he did through free information, courses, and sweat equity.

On a personal note, Drew, a former avid climber, now shares his life with two delightful Goldendoodles. Having recently transitioned from his W2 job to focus solely on StayAVL, Drew is steadfast in achieving his short and long-term goals across family, business, health, and personal fulfillment. Drew Wyatt isn't just crafting a business; he's designing a lifestyle of financial freedom and success.