AVLmeetup's NET Profits Philosophy

NET Profits
March 1st, 2023
Zacory Ruiz

What is the NET Profit philosophy?

The NET Profits Philosophy guides AVLmeetup based on three key principles: Networking, Education, and Transactions. In addition to representing these principles, "NET" also signifies the importance of focusing on net proceeds rather than gross.

Zac and Rodrigo established this philosophy as a guiding principle for the group, providing a shared sense of direction and accountability for all members. To ensure this accountability, all members need to understand and be able to articulate the guiding beliefs of the meetup, including the significance of each principle for building a successful business in the real estate industry.

N - Networking

Building relationships is the cornerstone of the NET Philosophy, with its first principle represented by the letter "N" which stands for networking. Our belief is that strong relationships are vital for success in the real estate industry. A well-established network of clients, vendors, and colleagues provides better business opportunities and a supportive network to navigate real estate challenges!

E - Education

The NET Philosophy stresses the importance of education. This is embodied in the "E" of NET, which requires real estate professionals to stay abreast of developments in three key areas: market trends, laws, and strategies. The real estate landscape is constantly changing - so must those working within it shift and evolve to remain competitive. Professionals who keep up with shifts and changes in the industry will be best placed to succeed.

T - Transactions

The last component of the NET Philosophy is "T" for Transactions. In real estate, success hinges upon the ability to conduct negotiations and carry out deals competently. At AVLMeetup, we emphasize network building and knowledge sharing to assist our members in achieving their transaction goals. Whether aiming for a higher quantity or a smoother process, AVLMeetup strives to help all professionals achieve excellence in their transactions.

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