Our NET Profits Philosophy

Zac & Rodrigo

What is the NET Profit philosophy?

The NET Profits Philosophy guides AVL Meetup based on three key principles: Networking, Education, and Transactions. In addition to representing these principles, "NET" also signifies the importance of focusing on net proceeds rather than gross. Zac and Rodrigo established this philosophy as a guiding principle for the group, providing a shared sense of direction and accountability for all members. To ensure this accountability, all members need to understand and be able to articulate the guiding beliefs of the meetup, including the significance of each principle for building a successful business in the real estate industry. If any member struggles to do so, Zac and Rodrigo recognize the need to communicate more effectively and reinforce the importance of the NET Philosophy.

NET Profits - Networking

The first principle of the NET Philosophy is represented by the letter "N," which stands for networking. Networking is about building relationships, which is crucial for anyone working in the real estate industry. Developing a network of reliable contacts who can support, vouch for, and promote your business is essential for reducing friction and making progress in the industry. While it takes effort and time to build a strong network, having one can transform the ups and downs of real estate from challenging to thrilling.

NET Profits - Education

The second principle of the NET Philosophy is represented by the letter "E," which stands for education. Real estate professionals must stay current and continuously learn in three main areas: market trends, laws, and strategies. As the market moves between buyer and seller markets, market trends and strategies for success also change. Professionals in the real estate industry need to keep up with these changes to remain effective and competitive.

NET Profits - Transactions

The third and final component of the NET Philosophy is represented by the letter "T," which stands for transactions. Ultimately, success in the real estate industry is measured by the ability to carry out transactions successfully. At AVLMeetup, transactions are the natural outcome when any real estate professional takes networking and education seriously. Every real estate professional's goal is to achieve better transactions, whether that means more transactions or smoother ones. Regardless of how one measures success with transactions, we hope that AVLMeetup can play an instrumental role in helping members achieve their goals.

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