Zacory Ruiz


AVLmeetup's Co-Founder, "Kepper Of The Datas," and CEO of the Ruiz Report and remc!

Zacory Ruiz

Zacory Ruiz is a seasoned entrepreneur, proud father and husband, and business leader. He has a diverse background including experience in finance, technology, and early-stage startups.

After serving as an Infantry Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, Zac worked at JPMorgan's investment bank on Wall Street, where he developed foundational data analytics and strategy skills.

Zac has a history of pursuing entrepreneurial ventures, including creating temporary gold foil tattoos with artists from the TV series Miami Ink, obtaining a US Patent in the plastic mold injection industry, and providing a wide range of business consulting services.

After relocating to Asheville, NC and obtaining his broker's license, Zac had a transformative realization about the untapped potential of real estate data: insights into realtor and broker performance lagged behind state-of-the-art data driven reporting present in other industries. He was inspired to learn how to code to change that.

Zac spent many-a-late night and countless weekends learning to become a full stack engineer (you can too!), unlocking the ability to make his vision to bring real estate data to the forefront a reality. Ultimately, learning to code led to the founding of two innovative data and analytics based real estate companies (he also made this site!).

Those companies, the Ruiz Report and remc (real estate mission control), provide personalized market reports and data-driven real estate business intelligence software for Realtors® and real estate professionals (they're also AVLmeetup's secret weapons when it comes to our unique data-driven approach!). His passion for real estate data has earned him the title of "Keeper Of The Datas" among his peers and in the local community.