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3 Top Real Estate Professionals Under 30

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Travardi Davidson

Travardi Davidson

Travardi was born and raised in Jamaica by his aunt and grandmother. His parents came to America in search of a better life and later filed for him as soon as they could.

He ended up moving the US when he was 12 years old. He got into real estate at the age of 24 years and never looked back. Even though it took him 8 months to close his first deal, he did not give up! He kept going and eventually the fruits of his labor started to show.

Real estate is a tough business - there are highs and lows, you’re not always as busy you might like so you have to be self motivated... It is not easy, but is is possible.

You just have to believe in your self and show up daily.

Nolan Freeland

Nolan Freeland

Born and raised in West North Carolina, Nolan manifested early transformation, by purchasing his first mobile home park at 19 years of age, utilizing creative financing and a mere $3,000. Understanding his potential, Nolan powered forward in his following years to complete 100+ real estate transactions using private funds.

When Nolan synchronized and united with Bryce Robertson, he added $6M of mobile home parks and self storage to his Assets Under Management portfolio in just 6 months.

Being highly innovative, inspiring possibility, and transforming situations, Nolan leads the Cultiv8 Collective and Inov8 Collective operations teams paying great attention to key performance indicators, inventing new solutions, all while working together in alignment and harmony.

With a gift for handling financial complexities and a vision to gain a financial advantage for our Cultiv8 Collective Inner Circle, Nolan created The Ultimate Mobile Home Park Underwriting Model, a mobile home park and self storage underwriting matrix that pays great attention to the up-and-down side of prudent financial projections.

Nolan thrives on the power of wisdom through chess and strategic games, and the intricacy and complexity of collectable mechanical watches. Nolan is dedicated to transformation through his ritualistic weightlifting workouts, and expressing his energy and unseen powers while target shooting.

Ally Sundal

Ally Sundal

Ally grew up traveling to Western North Carolina from the Gulf Coast of Florida dreaming of one day calling the mountains her home.

When the pandemic hit in 2020 she finally decided to make the big move with her pup, Riley. With a passion for music, community, and nature Asheville was the obvious choice!

Ally became a Realtor®️ with Nest Realty Asheville in 2021 and has since guided many to homeownership in the Asheville area