Teresa Karnezis

Lujema Properties

Expert panelist for AVLmeetup's "Rehabbing Homes - A panel discussion about Rehabbing Homes." (October 11th, 2022)

Teresa Karnezis

Teresa is originally from Candler, west of Asheville. She was originally trained in Interior Design at Western Carolina University. Graduated in 1992 and married her college sweetheart, Angelo, in 1992. He is now part of the team as her realtor and partner. They have three grown children and a beautiful grandson.

Teresa's hobbies include a love of traveling and cooking for her large family and loves to entertain. She has seen so much growth in Asheville with tourism and people moving into the area. Teresa, along with much encouragement from her husband, decided that her love of old houses and saving them would be the career change from teaching middle school that she always wanted.

n 2013, Teresa left her teaching career and went out on her own as an entrepreneur with the goal of “flipping houses”. That goal soon changed as she realized the vast amount of old houses in the area that were in dire need of saving. She has become an expert renovator of these houses that she loves so much.

The oldest home she has renovated was built in 1902 with the newest one built in 1950. She has developed a method to the madness of building an awesome team that shares her enthusiasm (most of the time) of repairing these homes and giving them new life. She loves teaching and has been speaking publicly about her renovations for about 5 years. She truly loves saving these homes and providing another 100 years of being a home for so many families.