Stephanie Beierschmitt

Expert panelist for AVLmeetup's "Hybrid Agency: Agent Investors - A panel discussion about Hybrid Agency - being an agent AND an investor." (July 12th, 2022)

Stephanie Beierschmitt

Stefanie started her career in real estate by purchasing her first duplex when she was only 25. After quickly experiencing firsthand the benefits of owning houses, she got her real estate license not long after, and began helping others buy their own properties.

She made it a goal to become financially free within 5 years, and strategically began buying property that would best meet that single minded focus. At 30, she had generated enough passive income to "retire," and began living and traveling abroad.

Eventually, Stefanie returned to Asheville again with a renewed vigor for her business. She is currently an active agent who loves working with first time homeowners and experienced investors, and she specializes in finding unique ways to cash flow properties with as little investment as possible. She has a real skill at qualifying amazing tenants, and in 13 years, has not had one eviction! She has most recently ventured into creating more passive income by lending on notes, becoming part of a mobile home park syndication, and investing in crypto mining.

She believes in work-life balance and passionately encourages people to create their own "life by design," true to ourselves and free from pressure or norms from the outside. Stefanie's first priority is her family, her partner and stepdaughter, along with their Arabian horses, dog, and donkey. She loves all animals, horseback riding, being in nature, spiritual studies, traveling, reading, making art, baking, hiking, and being creative.