Rodrigo Afanador

Asheville Cash Buyers

Expert panelist for AVLmeetup's "Lead Management - A panel discussion about lead generating strategies." (April 12th, 2022)

Rodrigo Afanador

Rodrigo Afanador founded Asheville Cash Buyers in 2012, since that time he has been part of 100's of transactions in the Asheville area. He is a past President of the CREIA (Carolina Real Estate Investors Association), a non-profit education group for real estate investors. Rodrigo is also the host of the Who Is Asheville podcast; a podcast about the people, business, and ideas that make up Asheville.

Rodrigo has primarily focused his marketing efforts on direct mail and SEO/PPC. Although, he did build his business through cold calling before multiline dialers were common. In 2021 Rodrigo sent out over 55,000 pieces of mail. From his PPC/SEO efforts he generated just over 100 leads.