Rich Tomasini


Expert panelist for AVLmeetup's "NET Profit Summit - Build Your Way to Real Estate Wealth with the NET Profits Philosophy." (June 24th, 2023)

Rich Tomasini

Rich's career began in 1999 when he left college and joined his father’s appraisal business in southern Florida. He worked as an appraiser by day and flipped properties by night. From ages 22-28, he flipped over $23 million of real estate and gained extensive knowledge about construction, valuation, and negotiation.

He left Florida in 2005 and moved to the Lake Norman area. Rich was up for a new challenge in a new place and decided to utilize the real estate knowledge he had acquired and apply it to sales. He was hit fast and hard with not only a whole new real estate market to learn but the beginning of an economic downturn that rocked the industry. Not the best time to be a new agent in a new town, but he persevered and became an uncertified short-sale expert, knocking out over 100 short sales from 2007-2010.

Rich has been a part of large, national-scale brokerages and small, locally-owned offices; from REMAX to LKN Realty, he grew his sales and client base year after year. It wasn’t until joining eXp Realty in late 2017, however, that he found a company that complimented his passion for teaching others how to build successful real estate careers without the limitations imposed by more traditional business models. His career has grown in ways he never anticipated, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Rich currently has over 2,300 members in his eXp organization, ranking him among the top 30 in the world