Jonathon Zetterholm

2020 Builders

Expert panelist for AVLmeetup's "NET Profit Summit - Build Your Way to Real Estate Wealth with the NET Profits Philosophy." (June 24th, 2023)

Jonathon Zetterholm

Jonathon, the Chief Stewarding Officer and Owner of 2020 Builders, has been knee-deep in the construction and real estate industries since his early days. He got his start working in his father's development and construction business during middle school and high school, where he "dug in" (often quite literally with shovel in-hand) and built a solid foundation for his future.

After earning his General Contractor's license immediately after high school, Jonathon returned to his father's company as a project manager. There, he gained hands-on experience in everything from custom single-family homes to commercial multi-family projects. The housing market crash taught him valuable lessons, and when he re-entered the construction world in 2014, he brought a new strategic approach with him.

Jonathon discovered his (somewhat nerdy) passion for efficiency through automation, systems, processes, and SOPs in 2016. In 2018, he began applying these principles to real estate and construction, developing a Home Building System that replaced the old "GC in a truck" model with a more effective and efficient approach.

This drive to make a greater impact led Jonathon to officially establish 2020 Builders in January 2020. Passionate about optimizing limited resources, Jonathon is dedicated to fulfilling 2020 Builders' purpose statement: To steward our God-given resources wisely by building high-quality, attainable housing, and creating profitable, enjoyable work opportunities by cultivating trusting relationships.