Geoffrey Lamb

Short Sale Cooperative

Expert panelist for AVLmeetup's "Owner Financing - A walkthrough of everything related to owner financing." (January 10th, 2022)

Geoffrey Lamb

A proven leader with a track record which exemplifies operational excellence, Geoffrey Lamb is a veteran entrepreneur of the real estate industry whose primary focus is helping distressed homeowners and their real estate agents during their greatest time of need.

Geoffrey’s emphasis on technology which automates complex business processes allows Short Sale Cooperative to offer highly efficient, communication-centric short sale consulting & management services to hundreds of REALTORS and thousands of homeowners across the nation at a level of quality & success that’s unmatched by anyone else in the field.

At the height of the mortgage crisis, Geoffrey took action and created what came to be one of America’s largest loan modification organizations, US Consumer Solutions. Although short-lived due to a changing industry & government regulations, Geoffrey is most proud of the fact that the overwhelming majority of this firm’s clients, hundreds of homeowners stopped their foreclosure and were able to keep living in their family home as a direct result of the assistance they received from his organization.

Looking forward, Geoffrey will continue to maintain a focus on excellence within his existing companies while remaining open to other business opportunities which promote his core values and goals, within and outside of the real estate industry.