Edward "Zen" Ramp

Zen General Contracting

Expert panelist for AVLmeetup's "Rehabbing Homes - A panel discussion about Rehabbing Homes." (October 11th, 2022)

Edward "Zen" Ramp

Edward Ramp (Aka, Zen) is the sole owner of Zen General Contracting and Zen Mountain Realty. He started his first construction company in 2005 and obtained his bachelor's degree in Construction Management from Michigan State University in 2010. After serving as Project Manager over a 32 house renovation project awarded to his previous employer in Detroit, MI, he made his move to his current home of Asheville, NC.

It didn’t take long for Zen to see the opportunity that real estate sales offered in WNC. After working with buyers and sellers for a few years and opening his own brokerage, he worked his way into his first personally owned flips and obtained a General Contractor’s License. Teaming his love of building construction and the knowledge acquired by understanding the unique local real estate markets, rehabbing houses for himself and other investors quickly became the focal point of his business and is now the foundation for a multi-million dollar a year construction company. Coming to the end of his third year in business, Zen will have completed just shy of 50 local renovations, with 20+ set for completion in 2023.

With a vision moving forward of creating a contracting business that not only can fill the void of professionalism, communication and fairness in contracting, Zen has made it a point to display the same values he has learned as the proud father of four, to ensure a happy healthy work environment for his employees and subcontractors. Implementing daily practices of positive affirmation, gratitude and victory, along with a generally compassionate approach to dealing with his colleagues, Zen will win over the right professionals in order to be able to serve the greatest number of people effectively while making the world a better place to live.