Carolina Cole

Vesta Property Management

Expert panelist for AVLmeetup's "The Secret World Of Operations - How to keep things moving & scale!." (March 5th, 2024)

Carolina Cole

Originally from Colombia, Carolina pursued a career in law, graduating from law school and dedicating several years to corporate and insurance law. Her career took a pivot in 2019 when she ventured into the real estate industry on the investment side. There, she focused on implementing processes that significantly increased company revenue. Over the past three years, she has also acquired her own rental properties.

Married to a fellow real estate professional, Carolina has spent the last five years working closely with investors and has learned a great deal becoming a landlord herself. She is a staunch advocate for well-documented processes, assembling teams with the right skill sets that align with the company's culture, and selecting the right tools to achieve what may seem like magic within a company. Her approach is to not only find solutions to specific problems but to delve into the root cause, understanding the 'why' to prevent future occurrences.

Carolina lives in Greenville, SC, with her husband, two children and two dogs. Her journey reflects a blend of legal expertise and real estate acumen, emphasizing the importance of process optimization, team dynamics, and innovative problem-solving in driving business success.