Al Sartorelli

Sartorelli Real Estate

Expert panelist for AVLmeetup's "Mastering Landlording - Insider Tips for Successful Real Estate Investing." (June 6th, 2023)

Al Sartorelli

Al Sartorelli is the owner and operator of (Al) Sartorelli Real Estate LLC, a full-service Real Estate firm located in beautiful Asheville NC. With just under a decade working in the Real Estate business Al opened his own firm in the middle of the COVID pandemic and specializes in not only Buying and Selling forever homes, but also Full-Service Property Management for long term rentals.

Starting his career (unknowingly) in Property management with a part time job on the lawn crew that cut the grass for a local management company, he quickly rose through the ranks to running the firm then inevitably struck out on his own. His knowledge and experience in the world of investment real estate allowed his new firm to grow and flourish in a time when most landlords were in a state of panic and distress.

Al works actively with everyone from first time investors to professional flippers and wholesalers - proving everything from advice & council to representation on the purchase/sale, renovations, and management of buy and hold properties in the greater Asheville Region. With the explosion of post-COVID inflation the housing market has seen lots of changes with out-of- town investors betting on new “hot” areas, so working buyers from all over the country as they try and navigate their way to purchasing valuable investment property here in our exploding town.

Al continues to make a name for himself as the go-to resource for all levels of experience. From feature speaking at small networking meetups to podcasts he is always ready to help and be part of the discussion of affordable housing and affordable investing.