Luxury Real Estate Market Insights with Angie Cullen & Alec Cantley

Discover the opulent world of luxury real estate in our latest podcast episode. Gain insights from seasoned professionals, Angie Cullen and Alec Cantley, as they unravel the unique dynamics of this niche market. Explore topics like luxury amenities, market pricing strategies, and the impact of wellness and climate concerns on property values. Whether you're an industry veteran, a newcomer, or an investor, this episode promises a wealth of knowledge for navigating the luxury real estate market.

Meetup Recap
November 7th, 2023
Zacory Ruiz


  • (00:00) Real Estate Networking and Transactions
  • (07:37) Real Estate Updates and Market Insights
  • (11:17) Real Estate Market Analysis and Trends
  • (22:19) Luxury Real Estate Tips and Definitions
  • (31:09) Real Estate Trends and Buyer Behavior
  • (38:47) Luxury Market Pricing and Cash Buyers
  • (49:18) Breaking Into Luxury Real Estate Market
  • (59:39) Selling Luxurious Homes and Hiring Professionals
  • (01:07:03)


What does it take to break into the luxury real estate market and navigate its unique challenges? Brace yourself for an enriching conversation that aims to equip you with the necessary tools and insights to flourish in this sector. We kick things off with a discussion on the importance of networking and its significant influence on your business growth. We also unveil a new feature that will help streamline transactions within our community.

Our podcast takes a deeper dive into the complexities of the current real estate market, with a special emphasis on luxury real estate. With a helping hand from Angie Cullen and Alec Cantley, we dissect what defines luxury in real estate and the amenities most sought after by opulent buyers. Together, we examine the Western North Carolina luxury real estate market, discussing the effects of climate concerns on property values, the influx of buyers from other states, and the value disconnect between sellers and buyers.

Finally, we turn the spotlight on Alec and Angie again, as they share their wisdom on infiltrating the luxury market. We delve into crucial topics such as the importance of a strong supportive network, the impact of recent legal rulings on commissions, and the prevalence of cash buyers in the market. Subsequently, we unpack the strategies involved in luxury property pricing and hear from Alec and Angie on how to successfully navigate this niche sector. We wrap things up with a focus on selling luxurious homes and the value of hiring professionals. Don't miss out on this treasure trove of information, tailor-made for anyone interested in the world of luxury real estate.

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