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Meet your hosts:

Rodrigo Afanador

Rodrigo Afanador is a passionate business owner and committed community volunteer. Rodrigo Afanador is the owner of Asheville Cash Buyers With several years of real estate experience and a proven track record, he’s been part of more than 300+ real estate deals in the Asheville, NC area and enjoys the challenge that comes with resolving complex financial situations for his clients. He is a past President of the Carolina Real Estate Investors Association (CREIA), a non-profit education group for real estate investors. Rodrigo is also founded the Asheville Real Estate News website and podcast. Rodrigo currently hosts the Who Is Asheville podcast.

When he’s not working, Rodrigo goes hiking, backpacking and mountain biking. Rodrigo is also a graduate of Prosago, a specialized program which teaches leadership to young people using an experiential model combining adventure and community as primary teaching tools. Now he’s able to combine his love for the outdoors with his desire to mentor future business leaders.

Rodrigo Afanador was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia and currently resides in Asheville. He is an avid traveler who has visited over twenty countries and 35 states. Throughout his life, he has worked as a tutor, server, raft guide, legal assistant and line cook—all of these positions have helped him gain perspective and hone his business acumen. He is grateful for past opportunities and hopes for more moments to pay them forward in business and through his work with non-profit organizations focused on leadership training and development.

Zacory Ruiz

Zac is the author of the Ruiz Report, the most widely read real estate market report in Western NC, and he is the founder of remc - real estate mission control. remc is dedicated to revolutionizing how data-driven real estate is done with their industry leading Agent Performance Management system (look up any agent in CanopyMLS's report card here!).

He's also a local broker, landlord, a real estate investor, and he's happy to share his expertise on all sorts of things you shouldn't do from his adventures in DIY home renovations.

Zac has lived many lives - he was a Marine Infantry Sgt with two tours to Iraq, he spent some time on Capitol Hill with Florida International University's Office of Federal Relations, and he had a fast-but-furious career at JPMorgan's investment bank in NYC before going all-in on entrepreneurship.

Since making the leap he's started a business in the short-lived temporary gold foil tattoo industry with the artists from Miami Ink ("it was a good idea at the time!"), designed, patented and produced a product in the plastic mold injection industry, and put his experience to work for others as a business consultant for clients ranging from realtors/brokerages to yoga studios to weighing solutions resellers.

Every step along the way made it increasingly clear to him that data and automation were the keys to any business' success at scale, so he began programming in 2019 and now focuses exclusively on real estate technology.